About Us


Doc Care Health is a digital health platform that integrate all healthcare services into a one-stop healthcare ecosystem to serve the patients better.

We strive for better healthcare experiences by creating ethical solutions that are interoperability; to facilitate the efficient delivery of affordable and high-quality health services.

Our Vision

To transform healthcare in Kenya by leveraging the power of technology to make healthcare more accessible, affordable, and patient-centric.



Our mission is to empower people with the information and care that they can trust to make better healthcare decisions everyday through easy access to healthcare information and services.

Safe & Secure

We're setting the highest quality standards for our healthcare industry. And your information is protected at every step. The result -treatment and services for care you can trust.

EMR Technology

The Patient's Medical Record and Treatment Histories are stored in a single EMR and can be accessed Securely and Quckly from anywhere anytime.

AI Technology

Using AI/Cognitive to bring use cases closer to Clinical Care, allowing physicians and even patients to make better health decisions


Securely access, exchange, integrate, and cooperatively share clinical information and the most up-to-date and complete patient medical records, regardless of the healthcare system where they work or the technology they use to optimize health outcomes.

What Makes Us Different?

Problems can be solved the easy way or the right way. We pride ourselves in solving it the right way. For Healthcare Providers, we not only help them work remotely, but also efficiently. We help them visualise their finances and operations with analytics, charts & statistics while maintaining the focus on the patient. For Patients, we help you manage your medical records without you having to do anything. We bring our understanding of healthcare and analytics to help you manage your health better and more easily.

Our Leadership Team

We believe in the power of the team for success. For us, a successful team is much more important than a successful performer.

Leadership team building the Doc Care Health platform.

Walter Momanyi

CEO & Founder

Leaky Namoyo

Technology & Operations

Medical Director